Wednesday, September 15, 2010

since we found out....

Our support system is amazing. We are so blessed to have so much family and SO many friends that want to help out. My parents have been at my house almost every second of the day since all this. My mom has been busy helping me deep clean, ya know because it takes my mind off of it a little, and my dad has been working in my yard and totally cleaning up, sheetrocking and putting shelves up in our garage. How great are they?! My sister, Mel & Dave, have taken Ethan and helped with the kids, Mike and Jess have been over to help and have been a tremendous support and my sister Michelle has been staying with the kids in our home. Doug's parents have been here everyday supporting and taking care of Doug and his siblings also have been here for us and continually asking what they can do for us!  We have incredible friends that listen to the spirit and call or come over when prompted. And we have an AMAZING ward that has fasted and are continually praying for us. Thank you to everyone. 
I know without a doubt that this trail in our life is for our good. We will be stronger and better because of it. We are spiritually excited for the journey because we will grow. WE are so blessed to be a part of this challenging yet necessary mortal existence. Eternally what matters is what we learn from our tribulations.  Doug told his mother, in trying to comfort her, "Mom my spirit is fin, they can do whatever they want to this body but it is my spirit that matters." i strive for this same attitude. It has made me question my own life...Is my spirit fine?
Doug looked in the mirror the other day and almost didn't recognize his weak, anemic, slim body to which he said, "well, there isn't much I can do with this physical body so I better get to work on my spiritual body." So he went into his bedroom and wrote in his journal and read.
I can't imagine going through this without the knowledge of the gospel.  For 15 years I have prayed daily that I may always keep an eternal perspective. I know that my Heavenly Father is blessing me with this knowledge at this time.  In 100 years from now it won't matter how we die but what WILL MATTER.... is what we learn from our trials that are placed before us.  
People say to us, "why would this happen to your family, it is awful." We have found absolutely NO tragedy in this news.  We feel at peace and know that Thy will will be done, not our own.
I told my nephew Josh, Doug's illness doesn't just affect his immediate family, it affects EVERYONE that has a relationship with him. WE ALL have something to learn from this bump in the road!


  1. Your attitude is amazing!! Thank you for your testimony. I'm glad to hear that Doug is in good spirits also. You are in my thoughts and prayers. You don't know me-- but my mom and stepdad live in your ward (Dave and Lisa Jensen.) Hang in there....

  2. Farrah. YOU ... INSPIRE... ME!!!!!! You have an amazing outlook on life. You have an awesome attitude and you have a testimony of steel. You truly inspire me to be a better person. I love you guys as family. Thank you so much for starting a blog. It helps me feel like we are not 2400 miles away and we can still keep in the loop with Doug's health. Our love goes out to you and are prayers are always with you. Much love, Ash.

  3. You will be so glad you started this blog. After the journey is over, have Kim show you how to print this into a book. What a great thing to have and remind yourself what you have been through. You are rocks for sure and I aspire to be like guys someday.