Friday, September 17, 2010

Doug's home

Doug is posting this one - from HOME!!!. I have been overwhelmed by all the people who have shown support so far - the prayers and visits, calls, letters, notes, thoughtful acts and kind words - the outpouring of love have been incredible to feel. There have been countless miracles through my stay in the hospital, and more I am sure will be coming. Through these past few weeks, I have felt my Savior's love and the reality that He will lift our burdens if we will allow Him to lead us through our challenges.

My 90-year old, across-the-hall neighbor from the hospital said something today that I felt was worth sharing - "I have no problems. Once you turn a problem into a situation, you can do something about it. Situations are easy to deal with. Problems are hard to fix." How true. We can all use a bit of his wisdom as we confront challenges in our lives.

1 comment:

  1. This is the best news I have heard in weeks!

    WOO HOO!! We are jumping up and down with excitement. I am sure Doug is thrilled to be home. I mean... who wouldn't want to be in a house with a hot wife and 4 beautiful children? Doug sounds like a pretty lucky guy to me :0)

    All jokes aside... We are rooting for Doug. LOVE, LOVE, LOOOOOOVE YOU GUYS!!!