Sunday, September 26, 2010


Doug is still doing great!  He says he fills like his insides are "jiggily".  So he walks a round, still a little bent over and slow, but he walks around holding his gut.  He does wear this very fashionable girdle, Ethan calls it his cast. That helps with the discomfort.  The most painful part of the day is when he has to sneeze.  It sounds like nothing I have ever heard before...Like a little girl being scared by a bear.  He lets out this hilarious little  high pitched and painful sounding squeal and then I hear a sigh like....."oh it's over. " 
He has even gained a little weight. After tipping the scales the other morning at an all time low...122lbs.  And me screaming in the back ground, "I hate you!"  He has made it his personal goal  to "PACK IT ON!"  If we can just figure out someway for me to donate some fat that would benefit everyone:) My sister offered first but I should have first say?
 He is still weak.  He doesn't like when I call him 'weak' but I don't know what else to say. I have asked him to come up with a better word and all he does is start flexing his huge arm muscles just like a body builder  (I am telling you ladies, he has all the moves)  and then he will say, "you call this weak?" So when I say 'weak' I am not talking about his muscle strength...Just his stamina.  He still requires a nap everyday but over all his is amazing and strong! He hopes to go back to work this week. I kinda take it personal like he doesn't want to be around us anymore:) j/k  I have loved having him home!  I am a little over protective right now.  You can understand?  I went from totally thinking he could be dying to all of the sudden the doctors being so optimistic about his outcome.  I  have really enjoyed being with him every moment of the day for the last 2 weeks.  We have had so much fun just being with each other and with the kids.  There isn't a night we don't go to bed and say to each other, "we are so blessed!" 
Tuesday Doug has a doctors appointment with the surgeon.  We are hoping that he will get back test results.  The mass was sent to a special lab where they looked for something called, "micro-satellite instability." This will help determine how the oncologist will treat Doug's cancer.  It is basically a genetic link and although there isn't any history of colon cancer, or any other cancer, Doug can still be the first generation to carry this.  It would affect how they will watch our children. 

This picture is an "exact replica" of Doug's intestines:))  My hilarious brother, Mike, made him a huge cookie of his 'insides!' How funny is he?  Doug hurt from laughing so .hard!  If you look closely you can see the "tumor" on the lower left side. The pink note says,"warning might taste like a pooh."  
Having Mike as my brother, I should have a six pack from laughing so hard.  He keeps life fun!

Quote of the night...
We went to the viewing tonight of Dennis Brown. It was really neat to see Laurie, his beautiful wife, and their 4 amazing boys standing beside her.  What a legacy they have created by raising these fine men!  When we walked into the funeral home. One of the funeral directors, who was also Dennis' home teaching companion, greeted us.  I said to him, "it is very nice to see you." And he responded back,"Me and Dennis would always say, 'better to be seen than viewed.'"  We laughed pretty hard about that and yes that is something Dennis would say!
Have an amazing weak....week everyone!

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  1. thanks for a laugh this morning. hopefully it will help get through this LONG day :) Thanks for coming to the viewing, we were amazed at the support (but not really, because everyone loves Dennis!) And if the fat donor list needs another member, I have plenty to share!!