Friday, September 24, 2010

didn't make the cut---

Hours after my last post, a man that I admire deeply died of a heart attack.  Not only was he a good friend of ours but  he is also my sister's father-in-law.  

Dennis Brown is one of the greatest  men I have ever known.  You couldn't be around him with out laughing at his dry whit.  He spent his life doing everything for everyone else.  He is an the epitome of a "family man." He lived for his wife, 4 boys and their wives, and especially his grandkids.   He loved to give to others and serve his family.  I would often get calls from my sister, Melanie, telling me things like, "Dennis just dropped off a 4-wheeler for us." and "Dennis just brought us a new stove filled with cheetos."  "Dennis just left us a pizza for dinner."  The list can honestly go on for hours.    Dennis has spent his last 2 years serving his beautiful, amazing wife who was diagnosed  with breast cancer.  Together this couple has touched more lives than we can even imagine.  
When Dennis had his heart attack he was plumbing his son's house.  Of coarse he was doing something for someone else. 
This world will not be the same with out Dennis Brown in it!

Again, ditto to my last post!  What will spring bring for any of us? Are we living our "last moments" with someone we love? Are we living with out regrets?
When we found out about Dennis, I looked at Doug and said, " Heaven was looking  for a good guy and you didn't make the cut, Dennis did. How does that feel?"  We were laughing pretty hard:)
Take time to smile a little bigger, hug a little longer, and listen a little better to those we love!


  1. I am sorry for the loss of a great man, but so glad that your families were blessed to have him in your lives. Beautifully said Farrah.

  2. thanks for this. we sure love this man.

  3. My condolences to the family. I found you through a friend of mine. My son is serving a mission in Hawaii and is on Oahu where the Laie temple is located. I smiled when I saw it in the picture. Our prayers go out to your family and Doug's family during this time. He sounds like a fantastic man who is deeply loved and will be greatly missed by many. I pray his wife may find comfort and peace during her trials too.

  4. Oh what a sweet post. We love Dennis. He always went out of his way to talk to us at church. And he loved sno cones so much-only red raspberry though :) He'll be missed.

    I'm sorry I couldn't stop laughing about the comment you said to Doug. haha We learned it to at PCMC, you can laugh or you can cry. My dad was always cracking jokes. Anyway hope you and your fam are still doing well! We're still praying for you!