Monday, September 27, 2010

"dad jobs"

We have always explained to Sam and Ethan that dad's have "dad jobs." Like if a dad is a teacher...that is his dad job. If a dad is a dentist...that is his dad job.  Doug is an engineer...that is his dad job.  Neither one liked to accept that they have to go to school and that is their job and daddy has to go to work.  It is a hard concept for little kids.  Somedays Ethan tells me, "I wish you went and did a dad job and daddy could be the one to stay home with me."  
Well, when Doug was in the hospital Ethan was concerned about dad's, 'dad job'.  Why wasn't he at work?  So we told him that while daddy is in the hospital he had a new dad job, "farting and pooping!"  And as funny as the kids thought that was, we were not joking at all! The first time Doug passed a little gas the nurses and doctors cheered for him.  They got so excited about any activity that was rumbling around down there:)
SO about a week later Ethan was riding with our friend to a parade and he says, "hey, did  you know that my dad has a new dad job? is farting and pooping."  life......

Doug was off of work for over 2 full weeks.  Idaho Labs, aka his boss?, has been nothing short of amazing and supportive.  While we were in the hospital they brought over 2 huge HUGE bags of snacks, lots of  games, coloring books, movies and treats for the kids.  Days later, when we got home, they show up with 25 or 30 (can't remember) free bambino cards, (for you people out there that don't know what a bambino is, it is a delicious grease pocket pizza.mmm), and a gift certificate to a local restaurant.  Then even a few days after that the company suburban pulls up with its trunk full of household items and food.  We again feel so blessed to be surrounded by people who have helped us these last few months.  Doug couldn't be working for a better company.   


  1. Ha! I love it. That is every man's dream job.... Farting and Pooping! :0) Your posts crack me up. I can't read them without smiling.

    I am so glad that Doug's work is so wonderful. But how could they not? You guys are THE best!!!!! People love you so much, including us!


  2. Ah, I was wondering how his work was being, so it is nice to know. . . they sound FABULOUS!

  3. I was glad to see the t.p:) Hope the family is doing good.