Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sam's birthday

Sam's Birthday!
13 years ago today Sam was born weighing a hefty 4lbs. 2oz  and 17 inches long.  She was about 10 weeks early and she already understood the meaning of "live STRONG." She was in incredible health.  They gave her oxygen and the first night she pulled it out of her tiny nose.  It makes us laugh every time we think about that because she is one that doesn't like to be 'annoyed' and that certainly must have annoyed her...She took care of the situation....VERY Sam!  
This emotional day I have heard of over and over and every time it is bring tears to eyes.  The circumstances were difficult, more than we can ever begin to understand.  Sam's mother, Jill, was very ill.  They had decided it would be best to take Sam early at a little over 30 weeks.  Through the years, on Sam's birthday, so many family members sigh in remembrance of that day.  And so for many, including me, "that" day is very bitter-sweet.  But 13 years later as we look at this beautiful young woman, Samantha Jill, we don't remember that particular day as much as we celebrate her gorgeous life.  

She has so many incredible qualities.  She is beautiful not just physically but her spirit is also beautiful and kind.  She is sweet and nice to everyone.  She is the most patient  13 year old you have ever met.  Watching her interact with her siblings is amazing because she is so great with them.  She loves to read and has read the Book of Mormon 10 times.  She is incredible at the piano and violin.   I could go on all day about my perfect angel daughter that I want to clone:) But she is truly a very special girl.  
When Ethan was 7 weeks old he was laying on the ground just talking away.  (Sam at the time was 7) She had no idea I was just around the corner listening.  She looked at him and said, "Ethan there is something me and you need to talk about.  Me and you....well we have 2 moms.  We have our mom up in heaven, Jill, and she will take care of us from there.  Then we have our mom here on earth that will take care of us here!"  Then Sam, in her little pink tutu jumped up and danced away.  That is how things work here at our house!  
"I am so excited I'm going to be
in your birthday party."
I am one of the few privileged earthly moms that has someone over on the other side making sure things are being taken care of and my lucky children have 2 mom's and lots of AWESOME grandparents that love them!  
it is my honor to be Sam's mother.  She continues to teach me daily! 
Happy Birthday sweetheart!


  1. Happy Birthday Sam!!!!!!!!!!!!! My girls and I look up to you so much!! You ALWAYS bring a smile to our face and make us feel so good inside. There is no doubt you have had an awesome birthday. Your parents love you so much!! You are such a great example and I hope my girls can be a lot like you as they grow up. We love you Sam!! From the Stucki Girls <3 XOXO!!

  2. So sweet. She is such a cutie.

  3. Happy Birthday Sam! How lucky she is for sure to have you to guide her through this life. She is so so so lucky!

  4. Wow. Is she 13 already? Happy Birthday Sam!

  5. This made me cry! I remember the first birthday party you had for her after you and Doug were married. We came and sat in your front room and Sam danced around and showed us all of her new things. She's such a beautiful young lady, we're so proud of her!

    Happy Birthday Sam, and forgive your rotten aunt who is terrible at cards and phone calls and all of that nonsense.

  6. I have just been sitting here reading through your posts and your experiences and your faith truely brought tears to me..I know for a fact things happen for a reason and it seems like you have got what it takes to stay strong..what a beautiful family:) Take care..happy bday are lucky to have the family you have!

  7. I just came across your blog and read this post. It seems like just yesterday that Sam came and Jill left... I can't even put in words how beautiful you guys are. You both inspire me. Really. ~Angi O.