Tuesday, October 5, 2010

♥ life!

Yesterday me and Ethan were making sack dinners for family night.  We were going to go take a drive up to Mesa Falls and see the beautiful fall colors.  While he was spreading the peanut butter on the bread we heard the sky crack.  Thunder that was so loud that it vibrated through the dark clouds.   I am usually deathly afraid of thunder but that is because it is usually at night when it is so loud.  So in the middle of the day it was really cool.  Ethan stopped spreading the peanut butter and ran outside. On the way to the sliding door he said, "mom I bet there is going to be a rainbow."
 Sure enough, a huge entire rainbow!   We watched if for a while and then watched it fade away.   What is it about a rainbow that makes everyone take a minute to stop what they are doing, no matter how busy they are, and enjoy the beauty of God's creation?  A rainbow never ceases to amaze me. 

Well so Doug got home and we all packed in the van to go on our little outing to the falls and he says to me excitedly, "Dad and James (his brother) got an elk today....want to go see it?" And what am I suppost to say to that...So off we head down to Shelley to check out the dead bloody animal.  As the guys were telling us the story of the hunt...I thought to myself... ' Hunting stories are a lot like labor and delivery stories'.   They are original to you,  no one else has had the exact same experience you have had...,  there are moments of discouragement, it is exciting and there are always tense moments,   and even when the outcome is great...There are things looking back you would have done a little differently.  I was totally crackin' up.  They were, rightfully so, pretty pleased with their elk!

Last night we got home really late from visiting family and friends.  The usual routine is hurry as fast as you can to get jammies on,  potty, drinks, read and pray, & settle the babies down so we can get them to bed before it gets ANY later than it already is.  After the rush of getting everyone ready, and the 2 older ones off to bed...This is what started to happened......

It lasted until about 11:00 p.m.  Now usually I would have stopped it before it started.  You know what I am talking about moms....Once the kids start getting all wound up then it takes forever before they can settle down and actually fall asleep.  Well, all I could do was grab the camera and take a step back and SMILE!  It has been months, even since June since Doug has felt good enough to get on the floor with his kids and rough house.  Not only have the kids missed it but so has Doug!  It didn't matter what time it was, that everyone was exhausted, and that it was so loud that it was keeping Sam and Ethan up..... It just felt so AMAZING to watch my husband play and laugh again.   I even have to admit that as I was sitting here on the couch watching and laughing with them, I teared up a little because my heart was so happy!   It was so much fun!


  1. That's adorable - love all the giggles! It makes everyone around them smile too! I hope everything goes well for the both of you! Such strong faith will definately give you the strength you need to go on. We have a blog too! Doug and Mike used to be some of my horse riding buddies when we were younger.

  2. I love rainbows. They always remind me that I don't have to look at the end of a rainbow for my "pot of gold" because i can find it right in my own family.
    I love the moments when you wish you could stop time for just a little longer and capture it with its feelings and put them in a jar to reopen when times get tough. Thank goodness we have cameras to take pictures and record some of those cherished moments. Sounds like you had a great day! I am so glad you all did!!!

  3. Farrah, my Mom told me about your blog. I am sorry to hear about the news on Doug, but am so glad to also hear the good news too and to see he is feeling better! The video of him and the kids were adorable! Any way, I just wanted to stop in and say hi. (I think the last time I saw you and Doug was at Olivia's baptism, WOW!)
    -valerie (bateman) hart

  4. Farrah....

    You have to enlarge the picture of Doug and the kids with the elk. H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S! Doug and Ethan and Sam are smiling... but the looks on the babies faces are priceless. Not sure they are really thrilled about the bloody thing hanging upside down 3 feet away. Ha ha ha! Oh, how I love and miss those babies!

    Loved the video with Doug and the babies! At first I was like," No, Doug! You are to fragile... get off the floor." Then I thought, life is fragile... make the most of it. Game on!!!! :0) It makes me so happy to see Doug doing so well.

    Your family makes me soooooo happy! Love you!!

  5. I'm with Jesse and Ashley here -- the babies are somewhere between bewilderment and shock and awe. Doug looks as proud as if he shot the elk himself. Sam and Ethan are happy to be there. AND OF COURSE AL HUNG THE ELK FROM THE BACKHOE!