Friday, November 5, 2010

the greatest group of women!

A few weeks ago we went on a girls weekend.  Me my incredible mom and sisters and niece, Elizabeth.  We went to Utah and shopped and shopped and played and ATE! You should have seen the suburban we were in, it had so many bags we were sitting on them and holding them just to make more room:)   
My mother gave us a gift.....She called it her gift from "mother nature!"  She had money for all of us and also an awesome brother-in-law gave us all some spending money.  That made shopping so much more fun:))  Me and my mom have this hilarious tradition when we go on these 'girls weekends.'  disclaimer: no one judge me for this...  Last year we made tampon ghost so this year, sticking to the 'feminine theme' we made kotex flip flops to decorate the room. It was truly so funny.

 It was so rejuvenating.  It felt so great to get out and leave the cares of the world behind.  We laughed until our stomaches hurt,  cried until our mascara ran, and talked until we fell asleep. 
I love these woman more than I could ever write.  They have been my rocks these last few months.

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